Online Webinar Training With Igor Kheifets

Online webinar training has taken ways we do business to a new level. Ever since the advent of the internet, offline approach has become a traditional way of doing business. It almost feels like one is in the dinosaur age, still doing business the offline approach. No offence to those who still use this approach.

Online methods have really saved a lot of people time and effort. Including myself. Rather than attend every home meeting, host business opportunity meetings, and chase family and friends. With online webinar trainings in place, one can tune in and watch a live training at the comfort of their home. And still get the same done when going all over the place offline.

It’s called working smart.

Tonight my mentor (Vincent Ortega Jr) will be hosting myself and my team members. On a live online webinar training with one of the best when it comes to traffic sources. Igor Kheifets.

Connect Live Tonight At Online Webinar Training With Igor (8pm EST)

Igor has been the Go To traffic provider for a whole lot of big systems out there online. And my mentor Vincent is so excited to have him live tonight. On our exclusive team meeting.

Which I am inviting you to par-take as well for free. And get to know some huge projects I am working on. And you can venture in as well, or grow your current business with it.

Normally for these types of training, Igor will charge a minimum of $97 – $497. However, we in my team are getting it free. And you too can tap into the training tonight by Clicking Here. It’s all on me.

Many people know Igor for his premium traffic source. Some of you might have even discovered him on your own. Which is great.

But in your current business, generating traffic is one piece of the puzzle. In fact, it is the cart before the horse.

Igor walks his talk when it comes to delivering conversions for your online business.

Learn how to leverage a proven, and profitable business model to improve your online marketing business. And make 2016 your best year ever. >> Watch Here << 

Here are the topics Igor will be covering on the Live event!

  1. Discover the number one secret behind living the laptop lifestyle in 2016. The close-kept strategy the world’s wealthiest internet marketers are using right now. To pull multiple six figures while traveling the world. Working only 30-60 minutes per day.
  2. How to acquire customers for your business at a breakeven. And self-fund your online business. Uncover the hidden goldmine sitting in your back yard.
  3. The only way to guarantee income security online. No matter how the market turns. Or which company you are promoting.

So get ready to be present tonight and take down notes. This online webinar training is going to be Smoking Hot! Get registered here.

Make sure to attend tonight, May 5th at 8pm EST (Eastern Standard Time). That would be 1am May 6th, GMT +1. So check your corresponding time zone and be present.

Online Webinar Training

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To Your Success.

Kola Shonubi

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