The Need For A Marketing Funnel To Grow Your Online Network Marketing Business

Everyone knows that marketing a website is a tough and complex process. When time comes that social media becomes even more time consuming and when SEO become more difficult, nothing is much more important than spending much of your time in mapping out your own marketing funnel. Building or creating your own marketing funnel will help you in the conversion of your tire-kickers into happier, repeat customer along with massive Lifetime customer value.

So what does marketing funnel mean?

A marketing funnel is referred to as a system which helps in tracking out the stages travelled by the purchasers or customers in order to eventually come up with a sound and great buying decision. Aside from that, it also helps the company or business owner to identify the things that they need to do in order to help customers in every stage like sending positive press reviews or giving follow-up calls. The need of creating a marketing funnel is now considered a must since this can greatly help you in achieving the goals of your business. It can provide you and your business with lots of benefits.

The top part of the funnel is the part where your visitors go. But after visiting your site, only those who engage more with your conntent preoceeds to the next stage. And interested leads or customers will take the courage to go further on your funnel to the conversion point. Once you hear your visitor say “widen your funnel”, you surely now know the thing they are referring to. This means that they want to cast bigger net through advertising to new visitors or audiences, adding inbound marketing, increasing brand awareness and many more to drive more visitors to the website, thus widens their funnel. Once a funnel contains lots of people, the wider it becomes.

When it comes to the usage of the marketing funnel, you can use it as long as you want, either for purchasing or for signing up. In addition to that, you can also put lots of marketing funnels on your website and this will allow you to see how audience move through the specific flow of the website.

Watch my short video below as I give a short presentation on the marketing funnel overview and what to expect of your marketing funnel.


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Why is marketing funnel needed? Is it really beneficial?

Through the funnel report, it would be easier for you to determine where you usually lose customers and where you gain more customers. Through this marketing funnel, you would be able to generate more traffic and once traffics have been converted into lead, it only indicates that your customers are interested with the things you offer. This can also increase your commissions from your loyal customers who have already purchased on your front end.

In addition to increased traffic and commission, it can be followed with success, only if you will make sure that you will do the right thing. Creating an email can also help, as it allows you to encourage more and more customers to visit your website and purchase your offers. This will allow you to improve your sales.

By means of creating your own marketing funnel and through adding things that will contribute to the success of your business, you will surely have a great journey in the business industry.

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